Wednesday, December 1, 2010

beautiful, restful, play day


I have most Wednesday's off at my job.  Lately I've been keeping my precious great nephew, Coleman on Wednesdays.  He is such a good baby and I love him dearly.  Today though, I didn't keep him so I could hopefully get rid of the rest of this crud and rest....and play. 

I have a LOT to do for the Christmas season. I'm almost finished with the book I've been working on for EVER it seems.  It's supposed to go tomorrow, but there's just no way, so it'll have to go Friday.

So I slept til almost 10, then jumped right into the pages of the book.  I like it so far, however, I'm getting stuck on the Letter pictures and enough space.  It'll happen though, I'm sure of it.  I believe all good things come from the Lord and this is good-'cause He gives me the ability and the ideas. :)  Just like a cook prays over & gives thanks for the food they cook and serve, I pray over the projects I do and thank God for the ability. 

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