Sunday, October 24, 2010

a great Sunday

Lil Coleman accompanied me to church today.  Then he, gary and I went to my mother-in-law's to watch the Titans game-well, they watched it-I could care less. 
We just had a great time.  He crawled everywhere and seemed to really enjoy Judy's glass table that he could see through. 
We grilled chicken and had dinner by 3:00!  Usually it takes a lonnnnggg time to get the grill right, but not today.  I told Gary I didn't know what we were gonna do later when we were hungry again. haha.
Mom and Trina picked up Coleman on their way home from the game.  Gary and I went to our last descipleship class tonight.  The Case for Christ.  It's been really great.  Cant wait for the next classes to start.
Dustin called tonight.  He's doing well.  I sure miss him.  They're in port just briefly-like a few hours.  I hope he gets to call his dad and some of his friends. 
It's been an all around great day.  I'm so grateful to be grateful, and to be free in Christ.  He is amazing.

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