Saturday, June 30, 2012

So much happening in my life recently.  It's amazing to see God's hand in the new direction.  I pray He'll direct my steps, my words, my thoughts and my actions every day.  I'm scared, intimidated, and excited all at the same time.  I know He knows my every day and I rest in that.  If He is for me, then it doesn't matter who is against me.  so awesome!

Tonight, like just a few minutes ago, I sent an email for a design team.  With the new duties at work, I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and gained some confidence - not in anything I can do on my own though.  So if I can be "interim" Director, then I can step out and try out for a design team.  If it doesn't happen, then so be it.  I've had a BLAST playing in my scrap room again (and the kitchen, garage, back deck...).  It's been worth it to just get back in my room and to CUT the PRETTY PAPER finally!