Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where'd Friday go?

I lost my Friday.  I took Nyquil at 3 a.m. due to a very sore throat and slept the entire day away.  Now I gotta catch up.  I've got so much to do!  I am working on a top secret project and even though no one sees this, I can't take the chance,so I can't post pics yet. I hope what I end up with is as good as I see it in my head.  Oh how I'd love to take off Mon and Tues too. oh well.
We had a great Thanksgiving with family.  It's tough when some aren't there.  My nephew Bryan wasn't with us and Dustin of course is in Japan.  I miss him so much.  He did call us and got to talk with us all and that was great.  Here's most of our crazy clan.  I love my family so much and am grateful to God for them.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

oh scrappy day

Today we had our annual Thanksgiving Crop.  We each bring something for dinner and we crop all day.  Got a lot of my book done today that I'm working on.  Then, some of us went to see Harry Potter.  It was a great day and the 70 degree weather only made it better!  Would love to have this weather year 'round.  I'm certain I should live near the beach somewhere warm all the time.